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Finally! A Simple Way To Use Markdown and Collaborate

The easy way to write your content using Markdown and getting feedback from your peers

Use Markdown

Stay where you feel comfortable. Write and format your text the way you like it - using Markdown.

Share with peers

Share your content and ask for feedback. Do it fast and without obstruction. Focus on quality and agility. Focus on productivity!

Get feedback

Use Writisan's comments system to easily go through all the feedback you received.

Version history

View your comments and editing history. Review and reuse. Be productive!

Step 1 : Open up your document and start writing

It's that easy! Login using your Google credentials and simply start writing.

Step 2 : Share with peers and request feedback

Once you're done writing or you are at a stage where you need feedback just send a link to your document to your friends and colleagues and wait for their comments.

Step 3 : Create feedback based version and share it again

Rinse and repeat until you're completely satisfied with the result! Use the power of collaboration feedback to become a Writisan!

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